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The heartwarming tale of four hopeful film and TV extras and their ever-faithful agent as they vie for a piece of the action in Scotland’s burgeoning entertainment industry.

Flanked by French bulldog Bruno and dressed to impress, Sonia is an agent like no other. With over 5,000 people on her books, from octogenarian stuntmen to naked body doubles, she finds the extraordinary in the ordinary.

Davey, Brianne, Evans and Emma are regular people from different walks of life, all looking for something extra – confidence, acceptance, escapism and, ultimately, their moment. They may not be the stars of the show, but with Sonia in their corner, it’s time for the people in the background to step into the spotlight. Watch the full documentary on BBC iPlayer.


Hannah Currie


Andy Maas

Executive Producer

Ian Greenhill

Executive Producer

Jordan Laird


March 2, 2022

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