Today, we are looking at the mental health epedemic currently affecting Glasgow and beyond by having an extended interview with film-makers Hannah Currie and Tim Currie plus we have contributions from Darren loki McGarvey and Cathy McCormack. Audio mastered by Morphamish. Hannah and Tim recently released a film called ‘Too Young to Die’ on BBC which was an adaption of an earlier film called ‘We Are All Here’ which tells the story of Lumo, a young Scottish rapper and poet who sadly took his own life. Trigger warning for suicide and mental health issues content but there is a lot of positive and funny chat too to be heard also. We also feature a powerful and poignant piece from orwell prize winning Darren Loki McGarvey called ‘Dont Jump’ plus we share with you some audio from a short film called ‘War Without Bullets’ by activist Cathy McCormack which I think ties a lot of the subject matter together. You can support the show by going to:

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